WorkTools from JRB Studio accessorize the workspace with a range of versatile work tools. Each one works efficiently and easily with a custom-designed component. The Accessory Rail is integrated in the table surface, while the Tool Bar can mount to the Accessory Rail or clamp to virtually any worksurface, easily managing attached work tools. There are also easy-to-install drawers, scaled precisely for efficiently using the space below your worksurface.
  • Pencil Cup: A cylinder that attaches to the Tool Bar.
  • Storage Tray: A file and paper management tool that adjustes directionally.
  • Accessory Rail: Integrated into the worksurface, this rail holds a Tool Bar or screen.
  • Tool Bar: Mounted in the Accessory Rail or clamped directly to the worksurface, this bar manages the work tools.
  • Vertical Filer: A file and paper management tool that adjustes directionally.
  • Paper Shelf: A versatile shelf for papers, files or other desk items.
  • Radius Drawer: A half circle compartmented drawer that swings out for easy access.
  • Letter Drawer: A smaller-scale letter drawer that economizies that space beneath the worksurface.

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