Animate+ is an innovative table-based worksetting solution that combines unmatched agility with extended range sit-to-stand height adjustability. Building upon the Animate table, Animate+ utilizes a small kit of parts, screens, mounting rails, raceways, and distinctive storage elements to create individual workstations, benching applications, touch-down stations, or high-intensity collaborative settings. Reconfigure it all to respond to the changing needs of today's workplace. Animate+ delivers flexible functionality and versatility, all with the option for sit-to-stand height adjustability. It redefines change in today's workplace.
  • Table-based, full sit-to-stand height adjustability.
  • Fully independent legs, no cross-links.
  • Screens provide visual and acoustical privacy.
  • Non-structural components enable easy reconfiguration.
  • Nearly unlimited top-shape options, paint colors and laminates.

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